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10/18/12 Rebecca + Mike

“When we first hired Hello Sugar, she was based in Michigan. Even though she moved, she still made the trip back to Michigan for our wedding. The setup was beautiful and all my guests loved it. She even came back and packaged up all the leftover candy for us to take home. She even kept us up to date with everything going on with the planning prior to the wedding.”

-Rebecca, WeddingWire review

I first met Becky and Mike at the Perfect Wedding guide show in Troy, MI.  I remember initially hearing their wedding date and being so impressed with how far out they were planning everything.  They were paying such close attention to every detail of their day.  I was careful to mirror this attention to detail while customizing their sweets display.  I included floral lights in the Hershey Kisses, fabric buttons on the candy signs,  and filled the candle holders with Sixlets to be sure that this purpley, fun  table was full unique touches.

9/22/12 Michelle + John

“Kristine did an amazing job with our favors! They were beautiful, fun, and original! She combined my ideas with her sense of style and added a little sugar to it… a perfect recipe for some truly original favors! She even offered to throw in table number signs to match the favors, which were the perfect touch for the tables! Not only were they beautiful and delicious, they also saved me a ton of work when a bride is most busy trying to get the final details finished. I doubt I would have been able to finish everything without her help! Also, she was able to ship them to me in Boston and the favors made it to me safely.”

-Michelle, WeddingWire review

For Michelle and John’s September wedding, I created pretty pink swizzle stick suckers that double as place cards.  I loved working with the couple because they were open to new ideas and suggestions.  The tables were named after movies, and I enjoyed working on table signs that would compliment the suckers.  I was so pleased to hear that the couple was happy with the end product!  Music to my ears.

3/24/12 Celebrating Baby C

For my first baby shower, the couple was waiting to learn the gender of the baby…which allowed lots of room to play with pink and blue! Half of the table was done pink, the other half in blue. There were cake balls, dipped Oreos, and pretty pastel candies.  The two halves were joined by a colorful array of fruity candied popcorn.  The table was a huge hit.

Post-shower update: it was a girl!


12/31/11 Angela + Sean

“Everything was great and everyone wanted to know where we got the favors from. They were a hit! I loved them so much and the care bag was great! The table numbers were amazing and everyone wanted to visit the other tables to see all the different names.”


Instead of a candy buffet, Angela approached me with a different request for her New Years Eve wedding.  She was requesting an order of chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos as party favors.  As we spoke more, we decided it would be best for her favors to double as her place cards.

I was curious what she and Sean planned to do for their table numbers, as this was important for the placecards I would design.   When she said they weren’t sure yet, I asked if she had considered any alternatives to numbers.  Angela let me know that she and her fiance had thrown around a few ideas, but they didn’t have anything set in stone.  Instantly, my wedding wheels were spinning.

Looking to play off the New Years Eve theme, and understanding how choosing resolutions for everyone could come off an insulting, we decided to incorporate global New Years Eve traditions as the tables…see the full list here.  Glass containers filled with Sixlets, candy sticks, and rubber stamps created an elegant, sweet, and rustic way to display the traditions.

Photos courtesy of Jenna Randall Photography .

11/5/11: Renee + Ryan

“I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did on our Candy table!  It was a hit and looked fabulous!  On top of that, you were just wonderful to work with….I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family.”


Worried that you don’t have enough time to plan a sweets table?  With the help of a very decisive and org

anized bride, Hello Sugar managed to pull a wedding sweets table together in under two weeks!  The bride had selected her wedding colors black, taupe, ivory, and shades in between.  She accented with hues of peacock, and the result was an overall stunning reception!

Because the wedding colors were so neutral, we had a lot of room to play with candy colors!  The bride selected a candy in nearly every color…from two shades of green rock candy, to peacock blue Sixlets, to pink homemade Cake Batter bark.  I had a great time working with her, I loved how creative I got to be!

The result was an amazingly colorful display of salty and sweet treats that truly delighted the wedding guests.  People raved about the display…and the cake batter bark.  I was so pleased with how everything turned out.  The complete satisfaction of the happy couple was most important to me, and confirmed it was a job well done.

Click here for more photos of Renee and Ryan’s wedding candy display.

10/15/11: Camp Casey Fest

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting us and braving the winds & weather on Saturday. Your display was absolutely gorgeous. We are so grateful.”

-Camp Casey

Hello, Sugar was honored to be asked to participate in “Camp Casey Fest” in downtown Ferndale, MI.  Camp Casey is a Michigan-based nonprofit horseback riding program for children with cancer.
Although the weather was bad, the amount of enthusiasm from the Camp Casey staff, volunteers, and vendors was inspiring.  The theme of the table I set up was simple: fall bliss.  I included fall flavors like cinnamon Hot Tamales and Andes Toffees, year-round favorites like Gummi Bears, and homemade creations like cake pops and salty caramel suckers.

The purpose of the day remained in focus: supporting kids battling cancer.  I was impressed with how all the participating vendors worked together.  We supported one another, shared warm drinks and stories, and helped secure runaway tents from the 60 mph wind gusts.  Despite the conditions, I truly enjoyed being part of such a special day.  I hope to be invited back next year.

Click here for more photos of Camp Casey Fest.

9/11/11: The Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Expo

Hello, Sugar was honored to be a part of the Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show at Petruzzello’s in Troy, MI.

Hello, Sugar assembled a small sweets display in signature colors.  Brides went through and made their own mixes, and the response was overwhelmingly positive!  The Hello, Sugar display also featured homemade cake batter bark, pre-packaged wedding favors, and the always-popular swizzle stick suckers.

Afterwards, Hello, Sugar was thrilled to be featured in the Perfect Wedding Guide album detailing “Latest Wedding Trends for 2012.”

Click here for more photos of display from the 2011 Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show.

6/3/11: Kristine + Jon

On a sunny summer afternoon, I was fortunate enough to marry my best friend.  Surrounded by about 100 of our closest family and friends, we exchanged vows outdoors, in a garden under a bright yellow canopy.  Our wedding colors were purple and peach, and I picked them because of the delicious, fruity vibe they give off when mixed.

I knew that I wanted a lavish candle display at my wedding, and I wanted this to be our guest’s main favor.  I thought it would be fun for guests to make their own candy mix, and I liked that it was a wedding favor that they would actually use.  Not being a huge fan of grape candy, I searched high and low for alternate flavors.  Jelly Bellys and swizzles sticks saved our guests from grape-overload.

I love how our sweets table turned out!

It is true that on your wedding day, you are lucky if you get a piece of your own cake.  In this case, I was not lucky enough to actually make my way over to my own sweets table once that day.  However, I heard the guests reactions from across the room, and I knew that I had done well.  People found the swizzle sticks nostalgic, the Jelly Bellys elegant, and the giant Pixie Sticks delightful!  reminiscing days later, I knew that I was on to something big.

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