About Me

My love for all things sweet started as a child.  When I was young, I simply couldn’t get enough sour, crackly, and fun candy…the more color, the better!  My favorite parts of vacation up north were undoubtedly the penny candy shops.  As I matured, my tastes matured, and I eventually developed a strong affinity for chocolate.

To put it mildly, I know candy.

I was married in June of 2011.  Of every part of the wedding, I spent the most time planning my wedding candy table.  I spent months planning our buffet, and needless to say, it was a huge success.  I had so much fun, I figured why stop with my wedding?


Why should you chose Hello, Sugar for your sweets tables or candy favors?

  • Personalization.

Because of my extensive knowledge of candy, I feel confident that I make every sweets table and favor unique and special.  I love personalizing my creations by color, theme, and even flavor.  I am constantly coming up with new ideas, and try to share some of them through my blog “Daily Sweetness.”

  • Price.

Candy tables are more expensive if done from scratch.  By the time containers, scoops, signs, decorations, and candy holders are taken into account, little is left for candy.  I own my decorations, containers, scoops, and even some colored table overlays.  I offer them for use at a fraction of what it costs to buy.  I also have searched the internet and Metro Detroit for the best deals on candy and supplies.  I even make some of my own candy, which drastically cuts back on cost and ensure homemade quality.

  • Peace of Mind.

When you desire a sweets table  that is beautiful and memorable, there is an extensive amount of work involved in searching for unique candy, laying out the table, assembling containers, and finding decorations.  At Hello, Sugar, I personally handle everything from the beginning planning stages, to setting up the table on your big day, to boxing up your leftovers… all you have to worry about is enjoying your day!

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