“Something Blue”

I love surprises!

 So when I was asked 2 weeks ago if I could throw together a surprise candy table for a bachelorette party, I was thrilled.  Because I typically plan tables for bigger crowds, I was excited to plan for an event that was smaller, more intimate.

The wedding colors are royal blue and silver, and I wanted to keep the table as close to this as possible.  I started building the table with a trip to my favorite bulk candy store.

I think swizzle stick suckers are so sparkly and elegant.  They seemed like a natural addition to a table that I wanted to keep classy and elegant.

 I wanted to incorporate something homemade into the table, and I wanted it to fit in visually.  Because it was a smaller crowd, I decided to do a pop.  As a fun alternative to the cake pop, I decided to do a cookie dough pop!  Stayed tuned to my blog for the recipe.

Because it I was planning for a bachelorette party, I anted to include a jello shot.  I thought it would be a fun way to keep things colorful and fruity!  As it turns out, jello shots are the bride’s favorite.

I planned ahead and made the jello shots layered.  The bottom layer was blueberry flavored, and the top layer was red berry.  Stay tuned to my blog for the recipe.

At this point in the planning process, the old saying “Something old, something new, something borrow, something blue” was stuck in my head.  I really liked the idea of incorporating the saying into the table itself.  I added some decorations, including colored tiles that double as coasters and made a nice gift for the bride afterwards.

I worked hard to keep this table cohesive,  simple, and a secret.  After running into the bride after setting up in the hotel room, I quickly told her I had family in town visiting.  Never one to be smooth under pressure, I still can’t believe she bought it.  Her fiance had his doubts…maybe because I nearly broke his fingers as I shook his hand.  Darn nerves.

I hear she loved it, and I couldn’t be happier!  Big thanks to Sarah for the awesome opportunity.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200




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