Piece of Cake.

Mmmmm, Cake Pops!

Delicious and elegant, they make awesome additions to any party menu. Everyone loves them!

But what happens if you don’t have the time, the supplies, or the patience for cake pops?

Cake Balls are a great alternative. They offer the same great taste as cake pops in smaller portions. They are less mess to make, and less mess to eat. And believe it or not, they really aren’t that hard to create. You don’t need a lot of supplies…but you do need to allow yourself enough time (at a minimum, 2 hours).

To create your own awesome, amazing cake creations…

You need:

1 box of cake mix (any flavor; you also need the ingredients to prepare as directed)

1 tub of frosting

1 brick of candy coating

1-2 tsp. of shortening

Food coloring/embellishments

1 gallon plastic zip bag

1-2 cookie sheets

Waxed paper

Prepare the cake mix as directed. You could take the time to make a cake from scratch, but since everything gets mashed together, it is doubtful anyone would know the difference.

Once the cake is done and cooled, cut the cake into chucks and drop it into a gallon sized plastic bag (it’s about to get fun). Mash the cake around inside the bag with your hands until grainy and separated.

Add half a tub of the frosting, and mix the frosting with the cake in the same fashion.

Once you have a nice, doughy consistency, chill the mixture in the freezer for 45- 60 minutes.  It should be very firm and easy to roll.  If things start to get messy, chill the dough again before continuing.

Remove the mixture from the freezer, and using a tablespoon measuring spoon, scoop and roll the cake mix into small balls. Line them up on a cookie sheet. Once the entire mixture has been rolled, chill the cake balls for another 30-45 minutes.  The cake balls should be nearly frozen.

While the cake balls are chilling, break the candy coating in half. Include 1 tsp of shortening, and melt it on the lowest heat on the stove. I stir my chocolate constantly, and although it is tedious, it is important to watch for scorching.

Remove the chilled cake balls from the fridge and dip them individually in the chocolate with a normal metal kitchen spoon. Gently tap the spoon on the side of the pan, and allow the extra chocolate to fall off. Drop them onto a cookie sheet covered waxed paper, and try not to leave too much of a trail.

Then, decorate! Go nuts! This recipe makes 30-40 cake balls.

Enjoy your yummy treats, and enjoy amazing your guests! I promise you, they will not go to waste.





5 thoughts on “Piece of Cake.

  1. IMPORTANT UPDATE: I modified the freezing time of the dough and cake balls. The dough and cake balls should be nearly frozen when you work with them. The dough will be easier to roll and the chocolate with harden quicker. This also reduces the chances of one breaking apart in the chocolate.

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