Celebrating Baby C! 3.24.12

When I was asked this fall to plan a sweets table for a baby shower this spring, I felt like I’d have to wait forever. I was excited to stretch my skills and add a baby shower to my portfolio. What was even more exciting about this particular shower is that the couple had decided not to find out the gender of the baby…which allow opportunities to play with pink AND blue!

To play up the pink-and-blue scheme, I decided to make one end of the table pink, one blue, and have them meet in the middle with an array of colors.

I tried to come up with something fun and colorful to join the pink and blue table ends. Back in December, I had visited a gourmet popcorn shop with my husband in Frankenmuth, MI. The brightly colored, fruity popcorn was so unique, and I added it to my mental file for future sweets table ideas. This seemed like the perfect time.

After several attempts, I had perfected the recipe, and produced six uniquely colored and flavored popcorn batches. I displayed them in six tall glass containers, and arranged them according to the colors of the rainbow.

I couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out! Everything came together perfectly, and it couldn’t have been for a sweeter family.

Congratulations, and thanks to Krystle, Traci, the entire Crawford family….and of course, baby C!




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