Using the Color Wheel

When planning our wedding last year, I think I obsessed over my “colors” as much as I did the venue. Yellow and navy, orange and peach, purple and green…I really can’t even remember how many times I changed my mind. Sorry…how many times we changed our minds. But for the sake of simplicity, let’s say it was mostly me.

I finally settled on bright purple and lime green….only to really, actually settle on pale peach and purple. Lots and lots of purple.

When choosing colors for an event, a helpful tool is the Color Wheel. It is most often referenced by artists and painters, and is an otherwise underused tool. It offers helpful suggestions for colors that are complimentary.

To use the color wheel, start with the color you want to focus on. For my wedding, this was purple. Next, reference the color wheel and choose the color family that falls directly across from it. One to the left or right also works. Although other colors will not necessarily clash, the colors that fall across from one another will complement and look amazing. Your photographs will pop, your guests will be amazed, and you will be confident that it looks good!

The colors (bright red, pale green, and purple) in this photo work, and form a triangle on the color wheel:

I love how these two colors of jelly beans look together-light tangerine and aqua blue:

For more information on using the color wheel for help in decorating, try this helpful site.

Keep in mind that, while the color wheel is a helpful tool, it should never trump your own unique taste. It is a tool to suggest color pairings, and ensures a complementing palette. However, in the end, you should always go with what you like. Your event will be forever captured in photographs, videos, and memories. It is important to always love what you see!

While purple and red are not directly across from one another, I just like the look of this:

One thing many people notice when they begin planning an event with a color scheme is just how many shades of each color exist. I never noticed how many hues of purple existed until I began wedding planning! This website is a helpful tool. It lets you play with color palettes, create several schemes, and even allows you to order samples of your favorites! A free idea for keeping your palette consistent are paint sample cards from your local hardware store.

For help coordinating your event color scheme, and finding candy to match, please contact Hello, Sugar directly! I plan sweets tables throughout Michigan, and I ship candy and my creations across the country. I love playing with new palettes, and work hard to make every event unique!


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