A Poppin’ NYE

Happy 2012!  I must say that I had an exceptionally amazing New Years Eve with some awesome people.  This year, our group of friends decided to “stay in” and have a potluck.  I knew I wanted to bring a dessert, and I really wanted it to encompass the overall feeling of New Years Eve.  What could I use?  Suddenly, it was so clear:


I wasn’t sure how baking something with Pop Rocks would work out.  They begin popping the second the candy makes contact with liquid.  I decided that, in addition to bringing a dish to pass, hubby and I would bring a signature drink to pass!

I began my research.  I love martinis for holidays: they are colorful, elegant, and a drink to be sipped and savored.  I searched online for recipes for Pop Rocks martinis.  Finding several, I compared, I brainstormed, and soon…I had my dreamed up my own concoction.  Ladies and gents, I present to you the Hello, Sugar Pop Rocks Tini:

1.5 oz. raspberry vodka
1 oz. peach pucker
splash of pineapple juice
twizzler straw
and a dash of Strawberry Pop Rocks

It was an explosive success…pun intended.  The candies crackled and snapped long after the drink was served.  The popping noises coming from our glasses really got people talking.  Once in a while, a rouge candy would let off an unusually explosive pop, causing us to shield our eyes from the corresponding splash of vodka.

I was so happy with how to drink turned out !  It was fruity, festive, and fun.  I am excited to keep experimenting with flavors: strawberry vodka and 99 bananas, pineapple vodka and peach schnapps, cranberry vodka and apple pucker…endless possibilities, all with a crispy, crackly finish.

I sincerely hope you had an amazing New Year celebration.

I am thrilled with where 2011 took me, and I can’t WAIT to see what 2012 has in store for Hello, Sugar!  

All the best,

– Kristine


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