A Sucker for Details

As many of you already know, I decided to start Hello, Sugar as a reaction to my obsession with candy.  My initial obsession was intensified in planning my own wedding sweets table last year.  I poured weeks and weeks into planning my buffet.  I  researched candy sources, containers, scoops…and I learned a ton.  After my wedding, I knew I could be a resource to other couples that wanted a sweets table as a part of their reception.

I LOVE how my table turned out.  However, even though I thought I was prepared to create my own table, my table did NOT go off without a hitch.  This story demonstrates the benefit of hiring an experienced vendor like Hello, Sugar to be a part of your day…

On the day before my wedding , I woke up with an unpleasant startle.  Jon and I were married in a  resort 4 hours from home, and I thought I had my packing down to a certifiable science.  Yet, somehow in my stress-induced fog, I had forgotten something!  Something important!

My beautiful swizzle stick suckers… the suckers I spent weeks searching for…the suckers I had carefully hidden in our kitchen cupboard to protect from dust and accident were still safe…at home.

I was distraught….for a while. 

I subconsciously distracted myself my being late for my practice hairdo.  I also got a helpful voicemail from our florist.  She said, “I just opened your orchids and…[insert a long pause made my bride-brain scream: THEY ARE DEAD!]…they are perfect!!”  Whew.

Ah, bride-brain.  Something happened to me over the past year of planning…I became more detail obsessed then I knew was possible.  Never before had I realized how many shades of purple existed, how much alcohol for 100 people costs, or how many ways you could dress up a chair.  The culmination of everything had left me feeling more intense, intelligent, and insane than I knew was possible.  Future brides, fear not…you eventually go back to normal. 

Time passed, and upon returning from the salon to the hotel the day of the wedding, I stopped at the hotel Starbucks for a sandwich.  Everyone kept saying “You have to eat, you have to eat,” and I appreciated the guidance because I wasn’t in any shape to think for myself.  I half-consciously selected some random pasta salad.  As my food was prepared, I stared blankly ahead, lost in a rare moment of silence. 

Suddenly, I realized I was staring at something familiar:


and jars

of swizzle stick suckers! 

At a Starbucks!  Who would have thought?

I freaked out, enthusiastically bought every purple sucker they had, told the cashier this entire story verbatim, and rushed them to the wedding coordinator.  My sweets table was complete, and I was an even happier bride.


They swizzle stick suckers were undoubtly the hit of the sweets table.  For me, they were a symbol of patience…and a reminder that no matter how much I thought I had everything under control, I did not.  I needed help.  What could be more fitting for logo of my little Hello, Sugar?  As a vendor, I am here to assure my brides don’t feel that same little panicky tweak I woke up to…at least when it comes to candy.

I can’t promise you’ll be on time for your hairdo.

I can’t promise your orchids won’t arrive dead.

But, I can promise that on your wedding day, you too will have your favorite suckers.  Stress-free.

All the best,



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