12 Grapes

Surrounded by an interactive and fluid community of wedding ideas, I can’t help but be proud when I come up with a totally unique idea.  Recently, I was contacted by a young bride about the prices of my chocolate covered pretzels.   This bride is hosting an elegant New Years Eve reception.  These treats are doubling as her place cards.  Love it!

As our relationship developed, I inquired more about her reception.  We discussed colors, flavors, and table numbers vs. table names.  I asked if she had considered any alternatives to numbers.  This bride let me know that she and her fiance had thrown around a few ideas, but they didn’t have anything set in stone.  Instantly, my wedding wheels were spinning.

As quickly as it started, my creative streak became stunted.  We had touched on the idea of resolutions, but I couldn’t seem to get beyond that.  What could I suggest that would be unique to New Years Eve, but not be come across as tacky…or rude?  I imagined a place card reading something like:

Kristine Western

Lose Weight

Thank You for Coming!


Kristine Western

Pay Off Your Credit Cards

We’re Glad You Could Join Us!

Hilarious, but not helpful.

And suddenly, it hit me.  Resolutions are a tradition, Americans have unusual NYE traditions (remember the 2000-sunglasses?).   Why not explore more Unusual Traditions?  After hours of searching, I had my top 10:

1.  Fireworks

  • Bring on the Noise!  New Year’s wouldn’t be complete with noisemakers! Tradition holds that making lots of noise at midnight will ward off evil spirits from entering the New Year. Germans spend over 100 million euros each year for fireworks.

2. 12 Grapes

  • A popular superstition in the Mediterranean and Latin American countries, traditions suggests eating 12 grapes at midnight ensures good luck for each month of the coming year.

    The start of the table signs for NYE

3. Black Eyed Peas

  • This tradition began in the south when poor farmers were forced to eat their livestock’s feed in order to survive a brutal winter.  Many people still believe that eating black eyed peas on New Years day will ensure a prosperous and safe new year.  

4. Spare Change

  • Go into the New Year with cash in your pocket!  Change in your pocket at midnight to brings good fortune and wealth in the New Year.

5. New Threads

  • Forecast your fashion fortune in the coming months and wear a new outfit on New Year’s Eve.   Double your luck and be sure to wear something in red! 

6. Pork and Fish

  • When planning your New Year’s dinner menu,  consider adding pork. Since pigs eat their food moving forward, enjoying pork on New Year’s will assure the year ahead will be bountiful.  Don’t eat pork?  Eating fish is also a good way to start the year, because fish only swim forward.

7. The Midnight Kiss

  • We all know how important that first kiss at midnight is, especially for spouses and significant others. The first kiss ensures intimacy and a close relationship throughout the New Year.

8. What a Crock

  • In Denmark, broken crockery is stored throughout the year in order to be thrown around the homes of friends. A pile of broken dishes in the garden and on the doorstep is regarded as a sign of having many friends.

9. Eat Your Greens

  • Eating greens that resemble money, such as cabbage or collard greens, is said to ensure prosperity in the coming year.

10. Polka Dots

  • In the Philippines, wearing polka dots and eating round fruits is supposed to ensure a prosperous new year.

I was thrilled when the bride approved!  The next week will be full of craftiness, and with the holidays upon us, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Happy Holidays!



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