Hello, Sugar.

Welcome to my blog “A Little Sugar,” direct from the creative force behind Hello, Sugar candy creations!  I find myself constantly coming up with ideas, tip, tricks, and recipes…more than I can possibly use.  I want to share my creativity in an effort to show what a versatile and unique company Hello, Sugar is. This is more than a standard website, rather it is a forum for ideas.

The true mark of a Hello, Sugar creation is personalization…my tables are not cookie-cutter, there is no prototype.  Personalization, enthusiasm, and professionalism is how I differentiate myself from my competitors.  As you may already know, Hello, Sugar is a small company that specializes in original and affordable candy creations.  I travel the state of Michigan setting up my displays, and I ship my creations across the country!  I had the idea to start this company after my own wedding, and things have been moving quickly ever since.

Since inception, Hello, Sugar has taken off at a rate that I never could have imagined.  With the consistent support, inspiration and direction from my friends, family, and husband, I am excited to see where the future takes Hello, Sugar.


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